Handpainted Chest of Drawers

Add some happiness to that old piece of furniture…this one pepped up with grey, white and pink…take your pick from the color palette and go make that giveaway a keep sake!



Easy, healthy, nutritious – homemade pasta with tomatoes, baby brinjals and cottage cheese

Making pasta at home is super duper easy…cut it in simple long strips, for intricate ones get a pasta maker…

For pasta (found this recipe in a magazine) – 250 gm whole wheat flour, 1 egg, 15 ml olive oil, salt. Make a dough. Keep in refrigerator for two hours. take it out, roll it, cut it in long strips or as you like. Dust with dry flour. Let dry for 15-20 minutes. Boil water in a pan with some salt. Add pasta to boiled water. Blanch for 4 minutes. Take it out and roll it in a sauce of your choice. Sufficient for two people or two and a half maybe 🙂

For tomato sauce – Olive oil, 1-2 garlic, Oregano, roughly chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper. Simmered together for 10 minutes. Or, till you know its done.

Add roasted baby brinjals to the sauce when its ready. Top it over the pasta. Add a dash of homemade cottage cheese (its delicious, light and easy to make). Sprinkle oregano and black pepper.

Eat with full health!


fruity, nutty, tangy rice and egg white salad

When there is nothing in the kitchen, there’s still something to put together a surprising lunch…

Rice, boiled egg whites, green mango, roasted peanuts, grapes, coconut, sprouts, olive oil, chilli flakes, lemon and salt…beetroot color me pink…and thank you mamma for the mint

rice and egg white salad
rice and egg white salad

when things look more than what they had seemed to be

an empty pringle chips box and some swinging bamboos in your head…what do you do…get some mseal, a pin and some color…then that box starts living with you…like this one, with me for 7 years


Food Satori

sometimes you want to eat food when it is still in the making…sometimes you want to keep chewing the feeling of having finished a beautiful meal…

The being of  spinach pancake
The being of a spinach pancake
Remnants of a beetroot salad
Remnants of a beetroot evening
Thyme and Pepper collection from the house of potato
Thyme and pepper collection – From The House of Potato